Rest Microframework Jooby

March 9, 2020

In this post I want to introduce the Jobby microframework for Kotlin and Java.

They don’t have a nice getting started site yet so I decided to make a quick write up.

We will write a small rest service in Kotlin for managing persons. This web service is going to take up under 30 lines of code.

Starting up

We will use Gradle to build our rest application.

mkdir kotlin_jooby
cd kotlin_jooby
gradle init --dsl kotlin 


plugins {
    kotlin("jvm") version "1.3.0"
    // to start our server directly from gradle
dependencies {

    // Add kotlin language support

    // We need a server runtime to contain our application

repositories {

application {
    mainClassName = "de.klg71.joobytest.MainKt"

We should be able to execute it without any error:

gradle build

Creating a microservice

As mentioned above we will create a small service for storing and retrieving person names.

Jooby has a very simple and intuitive DSL to define endpoints.


package de.klg71.joobytest

import org.jooby.Kooby

// initial list of persons
val persons = mutableListOf("Max", "July", "Frank")

class App : Kooby({
    // use the dsl to define our helloworld endpoint
    get("/helloworld/") {
        "Hello World!"

    // list all persons currenyly available

    // get a person by there position in the list
    // we use {id} as the placeholder format and access it through the param variable
    get("/person/{id}") {

    // post objects are accessed through the body method
    // we dont have added jooby-jackson dependency though we cant parse JSON here
    post("person") {

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    // startup the application
    run(::App, *args)

Again we can start it with this gradle command:

gradle run

Now you should be able to reach the server on http://localhost:8080.

Query the microservice

To connect to the microservice we will use the command line toold cURL .

At first we will test the helloworld endpoint:

> curl http://localhost:8080/helloworld
< Hello World!

Next we can list the available persons:

> curl http://localhost:8080/person
< [Max, July, Frank]

As you can recognize this is not valid jsob but only the toString of the list.

To add a person we can just give this endpoint a name as payload:

> curl http://localhost:8080/person -d Kevin
< true
> curl http://localhost:8080/person
< [Max, July, Frank, Kevin]

We get true after sending the payload because this is what the list.add returns and tells us, that the append was succesful.

At last we can test the single person endpoint with the new created Kevin:

> curl http://localhost:8080/person/3
< Kevin

Wrapping up

We used Jobby to create a super small service for persons. We created an rest endpoint in less than 30 lines of code.

Jobby feels pretty natural in this first experiment. The Kotlin DSL ist quite intuitive and aims for rapid prototyping.

I hope I can make a pull requests for a proper getting started page on their Github readme.

This small project is available on Github: jooby_kotlin